One Srl is a freight forwarder active since 2010, with legal and operating office in Ravenna.

Our activities comprise assistance, handling and inspection for all types of goods–bulk, in containers, solid or liquid–imported or exported via rail, road, or sea.

Our staff has multiple years of experience in the freight forwarding sector.

Thanks to this expertise, we have an in-depth knowledge of the majority of goods that pass through Italian ports, although we are principally specialised in raw materials used for food and animal-feed.

Coordination between the various government agencies and certification bodies that regulate imported and exported goods across Italy.

With the support of our customs department, staffed exclusively by licensed customs brokers, we take care of clearing the goods through customs. This includes submission of documents for entry into foreign country at the various Italian terminals, and subsequent definitive imports with payment of the corresponding port taxes, duties, and VAT.

In seaport terminals, we additionally handle an array of daily operations, ranging from daily checks on the condition of the cargo, to issuing bills of lading and transport documents. On behalf of our customers, we take care of all inventory management and warehousing of stored cargo.

To meet the needs of our customers, we have developed an innovative software system, with a personalised dashboard where daily deliveries and their history can be consulted in real time, from any device.

The versatility of the system supports additional services such as calculation of rebates, supply chain management, and interoperation with any other software used by the customer.

Our company is moreover able to perform quantity and quality checks of the imported or exported goods.